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Keebee’s journey as we explore the magic that play brings!

What’s the Buzz: Background-ers (Sneak Peek)

We’re just bursting with excitement over a new product that’s still in development. We couldn’t wait another moment before sharing it with you!

We are constantly endeavouring to “make play fit”. The idea with this new system is to create instant play space with little expense. Drum roll, please….Revealing: Background-ers panel systems.

Under the sea graphic panel system with Nessie

Instant play space – Under the Sea Panel System

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Project Play: Characteristics of Play

As we set out on this journey together, it only makes sense to qualify the subject matter: play. When we refer to ‘play’ what do we mean?

Well, as it turns out, defining play, not in the dictionary sense, but in a larger way, is quite difficult. We all know play when we see it, but the problem is that trying to define ‘play’ is limiting. So, we’ll describe some of the characteristics of play. Furthermore, while there is little agreement within the academic community of a single definition, the characteristics described are those that are to some extent agreed upon by the leading experts in this field. Continue reading