What’s the Buzz: Background-ers (Sneak Peek)

We’re just bursting with excitement over a new product that’s still in development. We couldn’t wait another moment before sharing it with you!

We are constantly endeavouring to “make play fit”. The idea with this new system is to create instant play space with little expense. Drum roll, please….Revealing: Background-ers panel systems.

Under the sea graphic panel system with Nessie

Instant play space – Under the Sea Panel System

We are contemplating three different themes (to be revealed in the months to come). For now, we’re going to show you an under the sea concept.

The Backgrounder system will include two graphic panels, four graphic plants (under the sea creatures), and your choice of activities. When assembled, the system is 84” wide x 90” high. As with all Keebee products, the panels are fully cleanable with alcohol-based cleaners, like Virox, and have a strong urethane coating that contains anti-microbial additives.

BONUS: This post is a “double reveal” because in the photo you will see a brand new, and just adorable, if we do say so ourselves, Loch Ness Monster Round-about system. We call her Nessie. Nessie will be sold on her own with your choice of three Round-abouts or as part of the Backgrounder set. Don’t worry, she’s fully house trained. We didn’t want Nessie to be lonely so we’ve also designed a “Baby Nessie” version with a single Round-about. Baby Nessie is camera shy so we can’t show her off quite yet.

Stay tuned to our blog, and “like” us on Facebook. There is much more to come soon.